Denture Care


Dentures are a foreign dental appliance, whether it’s a Full Denture or Partial Denture. It differs from cases to cases some people adapt to it instantly while others require longer time to adjust.

You will be provided with Brochures once you discussed your treatment plan with your Dental Prosthetist. Brochures will specify how to maintain your new dentures. Epically if you are having an IMMIDATE denture inserted.

What to expect with your first set of dentures:

Your new denture will improve the suction, the appearance, the fit and in some cases improve your bite. Improvement of your Appearance and fit can be evident at the insert stage, however the suction and bite may require time. Your new denture may take 1-24 hours to adapt to your palate, chicks and lips. Your lower denture work differently. It is important to understand that upper dentures gain suction from the soft tissue on the back of your palate. Lower denture can only gain stability from your lower ridge and the assistance of your tongue, cheeks and lips working together. These processes can occur instantly or take 1-24hours for maximum stability.

It is important to work closely with your Dental Prosthetsit to reach these goals as soon as possible. Your first dentures may never cause you any pain or discomfort, however your Dental Prosthetsit will advise you take extra care and precaution once your denture is complete and inserted.

What I should and shouldn’t eat the first few days of having my new dentures inserted.

Your new dentures will look great but they will be very firm on your gums especially the first few days. You will be advised to eat soft foods such as, steamed vegetables, rice, fish and soft bread. It is very crucial to try and ovoid crunchy and tough foods, such as nuts, dried fruit, steak or raw vegetables. These will allow your gums to slowly adjust to your new dentures minimising discomfort, soreness and ulcers.

Drink lots of water

In some cases dentures can cause dry mouth or excess salvia, which can result in gagging or sick feeling. What can happen with some cases is that the mouth cant differentiate between the denture and food, therefore generating excessive saliva. Sipping water on regular bases will moisten your mouth if it’s dry or wash away excessive saliva. This is highly recommended for people who have diabetes or tooth decay.

Reading out loud.

You may find that your speech is slightly altered for the first few days once the new dentures have been complete. The best way to overcome these is to read out loud. By doing so, you’re allowing your muscles get used to having artificial dental appliance introduced. Hearing yourself read out loud will also help you target the problem words. Allowing you to overcome this stage in no time.

Other methods to reduce sore gums

For extra precaution, to prevent sore gums after having new dentures fitted. Messaging your gums will create circulations allowing gums to be relaxed and tension free. Place your thumb and index finger over your gum, with your index finger on the outside, message section by section of your gum by squeezing and rubbing with your thumb and finger.

Cleaning your dentures

It is important to maintain your dentures, cleaning your dentures on a regular bases will increase the usage of the denture, prevent bad breath, improve your taste buds, increase confidence to smile and most importantly will have a positive impact on your general health.

Brush- your dentures after every meal or twice a day (Morning and Night). Brush your tongue and gums regularly. Use soft- bristle brush to prevent abreaction on your gums, tongue and dentures.

Clean- your dentures under sufficient light over a filled sink or a towel on the basin, this will protect your denture from fracturing if they slip and drop in the sink.

Leave denture dry overnight, this will allow dentures to remain fresh when worn again. It is also advised to take dentures out at night, to allow your gums to rest (optional).

Our promise to you

We promise to utilise our expertise and workmanship so that you leave us with your practical needs and wants met. We will use the highest quality dental appliances and procedures to ensure that you leave smiling. Our Dental Prosthesis is constantly kept up to date with the dental profession and its innovative growth to continually bring you the best care possible