Full/Full Acrylic Dentures


  • FULL ACRYLIC DENTURES are constructed to replace your missing teeth.
  • They are tinted to replicate the colour of gums giving the dentures a realistic appearance.
  • They are made of a plastic and can be easily moulded to comfortably fit your mouth.
  • To fabricate this custom fitted denture we will replicate the precise measurements by creating an exact mould of your mouth.
  • Acrylic dentures can be changed or modify down the track and are easy to repair.
  • This high impact acrylic is versatile and light weight to give you a denture with maximum strength.


  • IMMEDIATE DENTURES are either complete or partial dentures inserted the same day immediately following the removal of natural teeth
  • You will never have to appear in public with missing teeth.
  • This process will easily replicate the shape, colour and arrangement of your natural teeth while they are still present
  • When an immediate denture is inserted at the time of extraction it acts as a band-aid to protect gum tissue and reduce bleeding.


  • SOFT-LINER DENTURES are softer and are usually made from special medical grade rubber or silicone type compounds.
  • They provide more comfort for patients who are sensitive to dentures with a hard plastic interface.
  • The soft liner is placed on the part of the denture base that has contact with the gum tissue.
  • Replacing the hard interface with a soft denture liner it eliminates or drastically reduces the pressure.